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Bye, bye 2016!


Well, that was a bit of  a year…. Musical icons dropping like flies, the politics of hate on the rise, and the (unsurprising) news that a quarter of a million people in Britain are homeless. Jeez.
Meanwhile, we carried on quietly selling our great stories to discerning readers. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s what we do.
City Baby continues to sell round the world – there’s a substantial number of copies in New Zealand after the GBH tour there early this year – and both our print and Kindle editions of our books keep ticking over.
We also had a first for us: Ignite author Carl Stanley was longlisted for the Polari Literary Prize 2016, amid fierce competition and some stellar writing. This was well-deserved recognition for his book Kiss & Make Up, which is a glorious romp of a read, the story of a schoolboy from Smethwick who ends up as make-up artist to the stars.
For the background to the book, here’s a video of Carl explaining how he came to write it,
so make yourself a cuppa, settle down comfortably and watch it here.


Ordering books?

Thanks to some sterling effort on the part of the Ignite cyber-elves (they pride themselves in their ability to surf the wildest corners of the interweb and return unscathed) the temporary glitch caused by upgrading our postage plugin has now been resolved!!
This means that – wherever you live in the world – you can order our books via our online shop and pay via Paypal. Easy as you like. If you don’t have a Paypal account, drop us a line at and we’ll email you back and see what we can sort out.
Cyber-elves status: currently sipping cold drinks in hot sunshine and playing canasta. That’s how they roll.


Two new books!

We know that some of you prefer the convenience of digital reading over the traditional printed word.
We still think books are better if you’re reading in the bath, though.
So to help you out, we started the year by making kindle versions of two of our books.

More news about that here.
In other news…
more bees bigger bonnets is the latest volume of poems from Steve Pottinger.
It’s available on the website now. You’ll find it here.
You can read some of the reviews here. Others are on his website.
Kiss & Make Up has been given glowing reviews by Marc Almond, Toyah Wllcox, and Lorraine Kelly.
It was officially published on June 21st, and you can order it right now, by clicking here.

Buying from us is your cheapest, fastest option to get this book!
Prices on Kindle versions of all our publications have been reduced.
Those prices are staying down.
You can find out more about that here.
It’s our way of doing what we can to help your money go further.

***City Baby sells out again. And again! ***

A lot of people think this is the best book we’ve published so far.
It’s certainly been our most successful.
The first print run completely sold out in just a few months.
 Then the second edition did the same.
Now the third edition has done it, too!!  This means we’re onto the fourth edition!
Thank you to everyone who’s bought it and enjoyed it. 
We’ve written a blog about it here.
If you’ve been living under a rock and have no idea what City Baby is,
click on the links to read the magazine articles, the reviews from readers, and from Louder Than War and see what all the fuss is about.
The third run is with us now, so to order a copy, just click on the image below.


City Baby cover


The book is the autobiography of Ross Lomas, bass player with UK punk legends GBH.
Ever since we first started selling it we’ve been getting fantastic feedback from people who’ve bought it.
Lots of people telling us how they couldn’t put it down, how much they laughed, how many memories it stirred.
Our favourite comment so far? This one:
“I loved it so easy to read and an honest viewpoint on the scene and life as a outsider in society. I just can’t think of enough superlatives to do it justice.
just f**ken wicked!!”
If you haven’t get your hands on it yet… well, you’d best do it soon!

*** Stop press ***

Want to keep up with what we’re doing? It’s easy.
Just sign up to our monthly newsletter by following this link.
Here’s a quick round-up of what’s going on.
We’ve now sold out of Steve Pottinger’s first book Shattered
His two other books are on sale through this site. A third one has now joined them!

***There’s more!***

You’ll also find all three of our Joolz Denby novels available in both digital formats, and from all good suppliers across the globe.
If for some reason you’ve never treated yourself to her work, there’s never been a better time to start!

payment options

The Ignite shop is set up to use paypal for all our sales. The costs and complexity involved for a relatively small business like ourselves to set up for credit/debit card payments meant it wasn’t feasible to add that as an option. However, if you don’t have a Paypal account and wish to pay for your books by card, it’s really easy to do so. Email us at and we’ll send you the account details. As soon as the money’s in our account, we send the books!
Alternatively, you can set up a Paypal account here.
Is there more? Oh yes! From here on, every 50th customer buying a physical book from Ignite will receive a couple of freebies with their purchase.
We’re doing it because we can, because the thought makes us chuckle, and because we want to offer people the chance to read something new.
Remember – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

***price reductions***

At the start of April 2013, the Post Office changed the way it calculated parcel postage. We’ve taken a long hard look at this, and decided to absorb the costs where we can.
So we’ve taken £1.00 off the cost of ‘Mud Sharks’ and ‘Wild Thing’.
That’s good news.
Oh, and postage costs no more when you buy two books than when you buy one. So now your money goes further!
And finally, we’ve gone wild, and brought out a car sticker. You’ll find that on the brand-new merchandise page in the shop.
Cunningly, it fits perfectly inside one of our books, so the cheapest way to buy it is… well, you’re bright people. You’ll work it out!
Is there no end to our madcap activity? Nope. There isn’t.