We woke this morning to mist and the crisp air of autumn. Which is wonderful. And the turning of the seasons is also a sign it’s time for us to roll up our sleeves after the summer break and get back to what we do best, which is promoting our books. And – as you know – we’ve some wonderful books to promote.
As a small publisher, it’s especially gratifying that sales keep on trickling in throughout the year. Even while we’ve been out enjoying the sunshine (and dodging the raindrops) this summer, we’ve been regularly posting out books to individuals and bookshops who’ve placed orders. City Baby, which is still our best-selling publication, has now sold over three-quarters of its third print run. We’ve all but sold out of Wild Thing. And our latest book of poetry more bees bigger bonnets is doing very nicely, too.
All good news. Above all, Carl Stanley’s captivating, outrageous, and sensitive memoir of family strife and personal discovery, set in Birmingham in a world of sex, drugs, and rocknroll* remains one we’re hugely proud of. Sadly it didn’t make it onto the Guardian Prize long-list for first books from new authors, but we’re convinced that’s simply an oversight on their part. Kiss & Make Up is an enthralling read, and one which has received plaudits from such notables as Marc Almond, Toyah Willcox, and Damian Barr, among others. Readers love it, too. You can read their comments on it here.
Yes, that’s an Amazon link, but you can buy a copy from any bookshop, from our friends at Gay’s The Word, or online from ourselves or And you can read a review from Spindle magazine here. The book is brutally honest about life in a dysfunctional family and about growing up gay in a society which could still be viciously homophobic. It’s also very very funny, and – as several commentators have noticed – worth buying for the photo of Carl with Mrs Thatcher alone. Oh, and the story of how that photo came about is worth a read, too.
Finally, if our books have enriched your lives, please tell your friends. Word of mouth is vital for small companies such as ours. And on that note, we’re off out to pick blackberries, make plans, and enjoy the autumn sunshine. We’ll see you soon.


*actually the New Romantic scene, but let’s not quibble.

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