On April 30th we took delivery of our latest book from the printers. It’s a thing of beauty. The cover is a riot of colour and exuberance, the design is elegant and flawless, and the story is wild, outrageous, and deeply moving by turns. If you haven’t heard of Kiss & Make Up by Carl Stanley yet, believe us, you soon will.
Over the last week, we’ve sent out copies to papers and magazines who want to review the book – yes, we will be drawing your attention to the reviews when they come out, have no fear about that – and now we’ve started posting out the books ordered by those discerning people who’ve decided to get in early and buy a copy pronto. You see, although Kiss & Make Up isn’t officially published till June 21st, you can get your mitts on it this very minute by clicking on this link here.
For the next few weeks, the only other place you can buy the book is the Gay’s The Word bookshop in London. We chose them as our outlet for two reasons: one, because there couldn’t be a more appropriate retailer for this book; two, because – as an independent publisher – we do our very level best to support other independents without whom the world of book-selling would be so much poorer. We’d encourage you to do so too. If you really want to wait a few weeks in order to hand your money over to the all-consuming monolith that is Am**on, we won’t stop you, but we would suggest it’ll do a lot more good (and make a lot more difference) if you channel the money via your local bookshop, wherever that may be. Or buy a copy from our website, where a far larger percentage of your money will end up recompensing the author who wrote this splendid tale in the first place.
The choice, of course, is entirely yours.
Whatever you decide, from early June you’ll be able to order Kiss & Make Up from all online platforms and any bookshop you choose. Then you’ll find out for yourself just why this book has already received glowing endorsements from Marc Almond, Toyah Willcox, and Damian Barr (among others). This book will make you laugh, and cry, and get up and dance to the playlist. And then read it again.
You’re going to love it. Mark our words.

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