We really do love what we do. We’re very aware how lucky we are to publish incredible books by wonderful authors who tell stories which make the world richer – and how privileged we are to get such positive feedback from you, our readers. On a scale of 1-10 for job satisfaction, running Ignite scores somewhere in the mid-30s. There’s a long, long list of jobs we’ve done which struggle to get above zero, so we hope our enthusiasm is understandable!
What we’re saying is that while running Ignite is hard work, it’s very much worth it. And if we were ever in any doubt about that, our stock check over the weekend blew that doubt away. To our delight and amazement – and we did check the figures – City Baby is just a few dozen copies away from selling out for the third time. The third time!! We can scarcely dare believe it. We’re also very very pleased. Ross’s larger-than-life, moving, and engaging story of life in Birmingham punk band GBH is one of those books which you simply can’t put down. A proper punk page-turner. Trust us, we never get tired of people telling us that!
If you haven’t read it yet, or you know anyone who wants a copy or deserves one as a present, remember that copies of City Baby ordered via the Ignite website will arrive signed by both Ross and Steve. Our shop link is here. Alternatively, you can always get your hands on a copy through your local bookshop, or from online retailers. pay their taxes – others may not.
The weekend stock check turned up more than the good news about City Baby. We’re also very happy to announce that we’ve finally all but sold out of Joolz Denby’s dark, powerful novel Wild Thing. A mere handful of copies are still available from our friends at the NMA Shop, and our very good friends Arcane Publishing have a few copies at their unit in West Bay in Dorset, but unless Joolz finds another box under her bed, that’s the lot. Those of you lucky enough to have read this book already will know what a treasure it is. The Kindle version will still be available once those last few copies at the NMA Shop have gone, but if you want an analogue copy, you’d best get your skates on!
As news go, that’s not a bad start to the week, eh? Like we said, mid-30s for satisfaction. And rising.
Eat your heart out, Mick Jagger.

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