all in it together

At the time of writing there’s just under four weeks till our latest book City Baby is officially published. Hard to believe it’s still under the radar, seeing as we’ve been talking about it all summer, and people have been telling us how much they’ve enjoyed it for almost as long, but only on October 1st is it truly sent out into the big wide world.
From then on, Am**on will have their big greedy mitts all over it. If that sentence hasn’t given you a bit of a clue about our view of the multi-national tax dodger, and this one hasn’t either, then check some of our earlier blogs (specifically this one). In the brave new modern world we’ve built, the customer is king, and we will – of course – fulfill any orders made through them (at least if they bother passing them on), but we’d rather you bought it elsewhere. There’s our website, for starters. If you buy it there we see something for the work we’ve put in to creating this book, but if that doesn’t work for you, then we suggest you support your local bookshop – especially if it’s independent – or go online through, who do the same thing.
You see, in keeping with the punk ethic, we’d rather money went to small businesses like ourselves. So if you know an indie bookshop, or a music shop, or anywhere that might want to stock and sell a few copies of City Baby, we’d love you to put them in contact with us. And if you’re a touring band who want to take some for your merch stall, we’d like to hear from you too. Just email us at and we’ll sort something out. And if you know someone who might know someone who could be interested, then pass this blog along.
We’d like to see someone other than the usual big boys of the major brands make some money. After all, if we want a better way of doing things, it’s worth putting a bit of effort in to make it happen. We’re stronger together.
It really is that simple.
P.S. The glitch on the website which had inflated postage costs to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand has now been fixed. Thanks to Tim in NZ for drawing our attention to it!

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