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Is what we’re all about. We’re a small publishing house doing our level best to produce high-quality, engaging, and entertaining work. To date, we think we’ve succeeded, and punched well above our weight. Our plan is to keep doing that well into the future. Check out our books. Come with us on that journey.

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is always the best place to buy any (or all) or our wonderful books. Other online retailers are available, but when you order through them they come to us for the books anyway. We’ve recently adjusted postage rates to reflect rising costs, but it’s quicker – and just as cheap – to buy direct from us. Oh, and you know they’ll be on their way to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.  Good news for everyone. Especially our hard-working lamb.
note: we’ve now (May 2024) updated our shop plug-in, and it’s a lot easier to use and navigate. Take a look! (and buy a book!)

Dancing Barefoot

This is our newest book, by debut author Glyn Brown, and it’s an absolute belter. Officially published in July, but available right now from the Ignite shop. Click on the book image at the top of the page to get your copy!


Emma Purshouse is probably better known as a performance poet and the first Poet Laureate of Wolverhampton, but in this wonderful novel set in her native Black Country she shows she can write a bloody good story, too. Highly recommended.


Or, to give it its full title: snapshots from the fall of home is the seventh volume of poems from Steve Pottinger. Published with an evening of accompanying samosas (some would say an evening of samosas with accompanying book) in January 2024 in a pub in Wolverhampton city centre.

But after the gig…

The incredible autobiography of punk legend Tezz Roberts. A story which travels from Stoke to Chicago to Houston and beyond. From front man to drummer to bassist to guitar. From Discharge to Broken Bones to UK Subs and on, covering the road miles, living the life, and playing the chords. But after the gig is packed with one amazing, jaw-dropping tale after another. Trust us, you won’t be able to put this book down. On sale now!

Ordering books?

The Ignite cyber-elves (they pride themselves in their ability to surf the wildest corners of the interweb and return unscathed) have ensured that wherever you live in the world you can order our books via our online shop and pay via Paypal. Easy as you like. If you don’t have a Paypal account, drop us a line at and we’ll email you back and see what we can sort out.

Cyber-elves status: currently sipping cold drinks in hot sunshine and playing canasta. That’s how they roll.

City Baby

A lot of people think this is the best book we’ve published so far. It’s certainly been our most successful.

We’re now on our SIXTH edition. It’s available as a Kindle, too…

The book is the autobiography of Ross Lomas, bass player with UK punk legends GBH.

Ever since we first started selling it we’ve been getting fantastic feedback from people who’ve bought it.
Lots of people telling us how they couldn’t put it down, how much they laughed, how many memories it stirred.

Our favourite comment so far? This one:

“I loved it so easy to read and an honest viewpoint on the scene and life as a outsider in society. I just can’t think of enough superlatives to do it justice.
just f**ken wicked!!”

If you haven’t get your hands on it yet… well, you’d best do it soon!


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