About Us

Ignite Books has one simple aim: to find great stories and bring them to you, our readers.

We look for tales that entertain and draw us in, that have something to say about our world, our society, and our common humanity. We make room for voices which would otherwise remain unheard, and we’ve a penchant for narratives that make us laugh out loud, then whip the ground out from under us when we least expect it.

We believe that in this digital age of smart phones and individuation, the art of storytelling and the ties that bind us are as important as ever. Maybe more so. We’re confident that changes in technology bring new opportunities to engage with our audience, and we’re sure that for every reader who adores the convenience of the e-book format, there’s another who loves losing themselves in the printed page. We have books for both.

So, how did we get here?

One day, when we were still young, hot-headed, and full of vim, we looked at how the publishing industry worked, thought it could be better, and decided to roll our sleeves up and do something about it.

And we did. In the years since then, we’ve published accomplished debut novels, exceptional autobiographies, and much much more, and – so far – we’ve clambered up the learning curve without putting our feet in too much of the stinky stuff. We’ve made a bit of cash, and we’ve had a lot of fun. Above all, we’ve helped authors put their work before you, their audience, and made money for them. That’s hugely important. Without that, publishing ends up being the preserve of the well-off. And we don’t think that’s acceptable.

Maybe that’s what a reviewer was referring to when she described our existence as an act of defiance. Seems about right. You can never have too many acts of defiance, after all. We hope that what you find here stimulates and inspires you, makes you think and makes you laugh, and reminds you that it’s always good to make time to lose yourself in a great story.

May we all – defiantly –  be here for many years to come. Sláinte!