Joolz Denby

Joolz Denby has blazed her own trail through the literary world since the publication of ‘Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know’ in the early 1980s.

By then she was already established as one of the leading lights on the alternative poetry scene, a position she secured further with a relentless gigging schedule and spellbinding performances. Few poets other than Joolz have ever commanded an audience which filled the Cabaret tent at Glastonbury, or written work of such subtlety, complexity, and – above all – accessibility.

Joolz’ first novel, ‘Stone Baby’, was widely fêted. Her third, ‘Billie Morgan’, was shortlisted for the Orange Prize. Her latest, ‘Wild Thing’, is in every way their equal: a powerful, haunting read, which lambasts the excesses of our modern world, recognises our flaws and frailties, and appeals to our common humanity.

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