big wide world

Pop the champagne! Or throw it an extra stick! This week marked the official publication of Emma Purshouse’s novel ‘Dogged’, which is now out there sniffing lampposts and marking its territory in the big bad world of contemporary literature. What does this mean? Well, it means that as well as being on sale via this website, you can now visit your local independent bookshop and order it there. And if you’re lucky enough to be within striking distance of the Poetry Pharmacy (Bishop’s Castle, Welsh borders) or The Quarter Arts Space (Wolverhampton city centre) you can walk in – lockdown permitting – and pick a copy off the shelves.

Our thanks to everyone involved in making this book happen. To Emma Purshouse, of course, for writing it in the first place; to Linda Nevill for the front cover image, and Alex Vann for the cover design; and – above all – to the people who’ve bought it so far, and have got in touch to say how much they’ve enjoyed it. Responses like that make all our work worthwhile.

In our next blog, we’ll share some of the glowing reviews ‘Dogged’ has garnered from the folk who’ve read it. Maybe you’re one of them. And if you’re not, how about nipping across to our online shop and treating yourself to a wonderful, wonderful read. You won’t regret it.