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You may be aware that the UK government has now removed the VAT levy from e-books. This welcome (some might say, overdue) move means that buying a digital copy of any Ignite publication is now better value than ever. With many of us having more time on our hands, and access to high street bookshops still little more than a hope for the future, digital books are coming into their own. So here’s a reminder of our digital publications… (note: for each of them, we’ve shared the UK kindle store details. Titles should be available on multiple platforms for both kindle and non-kindle readers, just so you know.)

First up, it’s ‘The Curious Mystery…’ by Joolz Denby. The first book we ever published, this delightful novella looks at what happens to gods and goddesses when people stop believing in them. Could they end up living in a northern town just a little bit like Bradford? You know, they just might…

We have two more digital titles from Joolz. Her novel ‘Wild Thing’ is a powerful, haunting read which deserved to get a lot more recognition than it did. The physical edition of this book sold out some time ago, and it’s now only available digitally. Thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommended. And the third of Joolz’ books available from us as a digital imprint is Billie Morgan, deservedly shortlisted for the (then) Orange Prize for Literature in 2005.

We’re incredibly proud of City Baby. This is our best-selling book in every format – the physical book is now in its fifth print run. GBH bass player Ross Lomas tells his story of thirty odd (very odd) years as a touring musician. It’s the tale of how punk rock, and love, saved his life. Whether you love punk rock or wouldn’t know GBH from the Bee Gees, we guarantee you’ll enjoy this book.

Next, it’s a romp of a tale from Carl Stanley. Kiss & Make Up tells the story of a night-clubbing, drug-fuelled schoolboy who becomes make-up artist to the stars. Finally sober after years of seeking oblivion through excess, he meets up with his mother again. After all the fights and arguments, will they kiss and make up? This book was longlisted for the Polari Prize in the year it was published.

Also longlisted for the Polari Prize when we brought it out, A Marvellous Party is a wonderfully candid and engaging account of Ian Elmslie’s journey from family home to the heart of the gay cabaret scene. A beautifully crafted paean to tolerance and acceptance, with some banging showtunes and celebrity appearances on the way. Highly recommended.

Last but not least, our final digital publication is But after the gig… Tezz Roberts is a founder member of Discharge and a punk rock legend. If there’s an edge he’s sailed close to it, leapt over it, come back, and done it again. And again. And again. An incredible read which will have you laughing and wincing by turns.

There you go. We’re proud of each and every one of these books. Any or every one of them will do what a good book should do, and allow you to lose yourself within them. Whatever your choice of e-reader, you should give these titles a go. Happy reading!

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