Good morning, Russia

It’s always an adventure, this independent publishing lark, and we never know quite what doors are going to open for us, quite what connections we’re going to make, quite what will happen with our titles.

When we published City Baby, for example, we had no idea that an independent publisher in the US would end up paying us for the rights to produce an American version (complete with explanations of Brummie slang). It made sense, of course, because it’s a great book, and they could offer it to a readership in the US which we probably wouldn’t manage to reach (although – whisper it quietly – we still prefer our one).

This week, we’re delighted to say that an edition of But after the gig… is being published in Russia. And in Russian. The idea of our book being read by punks in Moscow, St Petersburg, or Vladivostok has put a huge smile on our face here at Ignite Villas, and if you fancy getting your mitts on a copy of the book yourself, you can order one from the Russian publishers here. (note: they also have a natty line in Discharge t-shirts to go with the book)

Like we say, you never know where this independent publishing lark will take you….