hello again

It’s been a while since we found time to spend an afternoon fettling away at the Ignite website. What can we say? Life’s been busy. But here we are, in our oily cyber-overalls, pencil behind our ear, tweaking the bits that need tweaking and hitting the rest with a hammer. Like always.

Our thanks to everyone who’s been buying our books over Xmas and the New Year. We’ve been able – with some confidence – to relate spikes in sales to Discharge shows here (Tezz Roberts: But after the gig…) or to prison visits there (Ian Elmslie: A Marvellous Party) and it’s gratifying to know that our books are being enjoyed by people across the world.

This month’s big news is that a new book of poems by Steve Pottinger is currently at the printers and will be with us by early March. The timing is immaculate, as a fine fine place completely sold out earlier this year. You can pre-order copies of ‘thirty-one small acts of love and resistance’ (snappy title, huh?) here. Steve will hopefully have copies with him at his gigs in Brighton and London on 3rd and 4th March respectively. Either way, we recommend getting your mitts on one sharpish. It’s really good.

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