incredibly marvellous

The anniversaries are coming thick and fast here at Ignite Villas. Mark Zuckerberg may not be good for much, but – following on from the 1st anniversary of But after the gig… – his social media platform has reminded us that it’s now two years since we published A Marvellous Party.

And what a book it is!

Those of you who’ve read it will know how good it is. Those of you who haven’t will expect us to tell you you’re missing a trick. And who are we to let you down? It’s an absolute belter of a story, the sort of book that reminds you of the good in people despite the obstacles they face, and makes you feel this world’s a better place than our jaded cynical zeitgeist would have you imagine.

Above all, A Marvellous Party is a reflection of its author, Ian Elmslie, who was a joy to work with from the moment he first approached us with his manuscript. The process of editing the original work into the book you now see could have been a nightmare (no author wants to hear that some of the words they’ve sweated over may be superfluous to requirements) but in Ian’s case, it wasn’t. We wouldn’t tell you that you should buy his book simply because he’s a very nice man, but he IS a very nice man. And you should buy his book.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Boyz loved A Marvellous Party when they reviewed it. As did Attitude. And, most importantly, hundreds of our readers.

Go on, treat yourself. It’s summer.

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