jingle bells

The fag end of the year traditionally means three things: sprouts, mince pies, and some degree of frenzied shopping in the run up to Xmas. 2021’s heady combination of Brexit-related supply chain problems and criminally incompetent government mean that quite how things will pan out over this festive season is in the lap of the gods*. And it’s hard to say how much interest they have in the whole shebang at this point.

Which is where we step in. We’re proud of our range of titles, but we also know that taking a punt on a relatively unknown book when you’re looking for presents for friends and family can feel like too much of a risk. So to help make the process as easy as possible – and, yes, maybe get a few sales out of it – we’re holding a Zoom event where you can find out more about our publications.

It’ll be free, it’ll be on Thursday December 2nd, at 7.30pm, and it’ll feature Ignite authors Ian Elmslie, Emma Purshouse, and Steve Pottinger. They’ll each be reading short extracts from their own books, and talking about how they came to be written and what they mean to them. They’ll also explain which of the other Ignite titles is their favourite, give you a taster of why, and answer any questions from the audience.

Look out for more details about this in the coming weeks. We’ll be sending out a newsletter all about it later this month, so if you’re not signed up already, you can do that here.

Small presses. They’re for life, not just for Xmas.

*it’s possible December 25th will see us fighting each other for the one remaining satsuma on the supermarket shelves before wading back home through rising floodwaters which smell disturbingly of raw sewage in order to gather with our nearest and dearest round a cardboard representation of a mince pie, if the more optimistic forecasts are to be believed.