like digital rabbits

How does admin do it? It’s a question we’ve been pondering over the past few days as we ploughed through all the emails and messages which had piled up while we were away thinking of anything but work. Strewth, but there were a lot of them!

Our conclusion: computers have a lot to answer for. Communication is easier than ever, and the ability to fire off messages and comments lies at our fingertips, there on the keypad, ready to be sent anywhere in the world in an instant. And emails beget emails beget emails. They breed like digital rabbits. Which is why there was an admin mountain waiting for us when we got home.

But we’ve fought the good fight. We’ve sent out books. We’ve cleared our inbox (for a day or two anyway). And now it’s time to lounge on the sofa and enjoy a beautiful summer evening. You should too. If only you had a good book to read while you do, eh? Oh, wait. There’s the Ignite shop, there at your fingertips. We can feel the emails coming already!

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