on a high note

Happy New Year, folks! We haven’t a clue what it’ll bring – though today’s sunshine and blue skies are incredibly welcome, and (we hope) a reminder of brighter days to come. For all of us*.

Thank you to everyone who bought our books over the festive season. It’s small beer with everything that’s happening in the world, but December saw us have one of our best online sales figures to date, and we’re grateful that you chose to spend your hard-earned cash on our titles. If you still have money burning a hole in your pocket (perhaps you were gifted Xmas dosh by Santa, or generous but distant relatives) and are looking for something wonderful to read, each and everyone of those titles is still available now. Just pop along to our online shop and fill yer boots!

*with the exception of the current UK government and its ministers. They can get right in the sea.