tezz anniversary

Yesterday, Facebook reminded us that it was exactly one year since we opened the door at Ignite Villas and took delivery of But after the gig… from our reliable, friendly, wonderful printers. Only one year? That’s hard to believe, because we’ve packed so much in to the ensuing twelve months. The first print run sold out completely, for starters, and we had to re-order. Not that we’re grumbling – that’s the kind of problem every publisher likes to have.

We’ve sent copies out to readers all around the world, too. You’d expect orders to come in from the UK and the USA, given Tezz Roberts’ travels with his guitar over the years, but this book has also been enjoyed by folk across Europe and beyond. We added Ukraine, Russia, and Indonesia to the list of countries we’ve posted books to, which is quite an achievement for a small independent publisher. We love the idea that something we put together ends up as a prized possession of someone in a town or city we’ve never been to. In idle moments (not that we have many of them) we wonder what life there is like, which stories in the book strike a chord with the person who bought it, what makes them laugh, or shake their head in disbelief, and how they feel when they turn the last page and reach the end of Tezz’s story.

We’ll never know, of course, but it’s a lot of fun wondering. Happy birthday, But after the gig… Whatever will the next year bring?

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