waiting for my man…

Here at Ignite Villas we’re truly at the cutting edge of technology. The latest in quills and inkwells, of course, and the very speediest and keenest of racing pigeons in the loft out back, ready and waiting to get word out to our authors and customers as quickly as possible.

It’s therefore entirely in keeping with our aim to embrace every modern advantage available that we’ve hit upon an incredibly modern wheeze to deliver copies of But after the gig… to Tezz Roberts and his merry team of pranksters whenever they sell out. Not for us the slow, lumbering of horse and cart northwards to the Potteries with a crate of books. Oh no.

Instead, we arrange a meeting at Wolverhampton train station, where – as the train for Stoke arrives in a cloud of steam and the smell of burning coal – we doff our hat to Mr Roberts’ representative, hand over the box of books, wish him well on his forthcoming concert tour, and return home at breakneck speed in one of the Corporation’s new-fangled omnibusses. Quite the caper!

Those of you who haven’t yet read the musings of young Roberts as he looks back at a life spent (and, indeed, mis-spent) in the clutches of punk rock can purchase one via this link here. We assure you our best pigeons will be winging their way to you, book in beak, very very soon. And on that cheery note, we bid you good morrow.

We shall now retire to peruse the daily papers and the latest horrors there within. A stiff drink or two may well be required to steady the nerves in the face of our political masters’ conniving and skulduggery. Hey ho.

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