a time of change

Life has changed since we last sat down to write a blog. Then, the biggest problem in the Ignite world was that our latest publication – the new book of poems by Steve Pottinger – had arrived a day later than we’d hoped and hadn’t been available for his gigs in London and Brighton.

It’s hard to believe that was three short weeks ago. Since then we’ve seen panic buying, lockdown, and increasing pressures on our health service. Our heartfelt thanks to all the NHS staff who are working so hard in such difficult circumstances. The nationwide applause last Thursday was well-deserved, as is the PPE they’ve been waiting for, a pay rise, and more. But you know that already.

These aren’t easy times for any of us. For now, we’re still here selling books, and we very much hope to be here when things return to normal, whenever that may be. If you decide that losing yourself in our books will be the perfect way to get through your lockdown, you can order through our online shop as always, and we’ll post them out as soon as we can. But we do understand that other things may be more or a priority right now.

Look out for each other, help each other where you can, and stay safe. Our very best wishes to you all.

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