Postage Costs

A page devoted to postage costs…. proof positive that Ignite really does know how to bring everyone’s excitement to the boil.

We’ve done our very best to keep costs down. Packing and handling costs are at a minimum, and we aim to make sure that the total cost of buying a book from us (inc p&p) is never more than the cover price. Buy two books or more and you’ll start saving money – we want shopping here to be a better option than heading over to Am**on.

Now, since we’re based in the UK, it’s UK customers who’ll notice the benefit of this – as soon as we start shipping abroad, postage costs rise sharply, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Brexit means that books sent to European customers may well attract import taxes, and (unsurprisingly) we’ve seen sales to our neighbours go through the floor. Every small UK press can tell that story. Sigh. And if you live in a country which is part of what the postal service designate ‘rest of world’ and would like our books, it’s best to get in touch. We’re happy to post them out, but surface mail (which can take weeks) is a less horrendously expensive option than airmail. We can give you the prices, and let you make your decision. Just email us at with details of the book you want, and we’ll get back to you with a price. As soon as the money comes through via Paypal, the books will be on their way.

See? Told you it was exciting stuff. You’ll be coming back to this page, mark my words….