all about the hashtags

Wednesday was Black Country Day. Seeing as we’re proudly based in the Black Country, it was the perfect day for a spot of social media promotion of a Black Country novel by a Black Country author – we’re talking, of course, about Dogged, the debut novel from Emma Purshouse – so that’s exactly what we did. Since Emma’s book was published earlier this year, it’s had an immense amount of positive feedback from folk who’ve read it, so we gathered together some of the best ones and shared them on Twitter.

And we had a lot of fun with hashtags while we did it, too. If you’re going to spend the day promoting a wonderful book, you might as well have a laugh at the same time. Have a look for yourself, and see what we mean. And if you’ve read Dogged but haven’t yet had the chance to post a review of it, please take a few minutes to add yours to these ones on Goodreads. You’ll have the undying gratitude of a small, independent publishing house.

We can’t promise an interesting hashtag when we use your review on Twitter, but we’ll certainly do our best.