get in

It’s always a boost to morale to start the month with some good news, and we’re kicking off September with the happy announcement that we’ve placed an order with the printers for a third run of But after the gig… Get in!

There’s still a very few copies of the second run left (just seven at Ignite Villas, at the last count) which means any ‘out of stock’ notice should only last a few days at most. And those of you within shouting distance of a Discharge gig can always snap one up at the band’s merch stall, as Tezz assures us they’ve got a handful left. For the digital generation, the book is also available in whatever format your e-reader uses. And, as we announced last month, it’s also translated into Russian, if you want to see how Tezz’s adventures look in Cyrillic…

We’ll have that third print run with us soon. The cover’s going to look the same. Why mess with perfection, after all?

image of the front cover of Tezz's book, showing him playing guitar on stage.