get on board

We suggest you think of this post as being less a blog entry, and more akin to a public information bulletin. As publishers of Emma Purshouse’s novel Dogged, it’s our happy responsibility to inform you that it’s really bloody good. We’ll say that again. Really. Bloody. Good. And yes, of course, you’d expect us to say that. It’s our job. So if you’re too cynical and worldly-wise to take our word for it, listen to what folk who’ve read it have to say.

“Deserves to be a best seller.”
“Character descriptions put me in mind of Dylan Thomas…”
“The best book I’ve read in years.”
“I’m going to tell everyone I know about it.”
“Ought to be a prize winner.”

We haven’t cherry-picked those quotes, either. They’re taken from the last five reviews sent in by readers. And they follow on from this glowing review by Jimmy Andrex in Central Bylines. People are loving this book, and there’s a reason. Because it’s really bloody good. We’ll say that again for those at the back. Really. Bloody. Good.

Ought it to be a prize winner? Absolutely. Whether that happens is in the lap of the gods and the discretion of the judges. In the meantime, do yourselves a favour, and grab a copy. Or buy one for a friend. You’ll find Dogged in our online shop on this website. Treat yourself. It could be the best book you’ve read in years.