in it together

Here at Ignite we’ve always believed in the importance of looking out for each other, supporting each other, having a laugh, and doing good where we can. It’s not rocket science, although the views of certain politicians standing in the UK election suggests they’ve as much understanding of solidarity as an earthworm has of art (but that’s a whole other blog post).

To get back to the point of this blog, a week or so ago Ross Lomas turned up five copies of the US edition of his best-selling autobiography City Baby. This was published by Bazillion Points, they sent us a few copies, we admired what they’d done, and then we put them in a safe place. Then we forgot the safe place. There, folks, is a snapshot of life at Ignite Villas for you.

Anyway, Ross found the books, and we decided the safest thing to do was let other people look after them. And why not do something good, too? Ross suggested that signing the books and selling them to raise money for charity might be a good idea, and chose Acorns Hospice as the place he’d most like the money to go to.

We’re very happy to say all five books have now been sold, and are making their way to new homes. And the generosity of these Ignite readers has raised £50.00 for Acorns, which we’ll be sending them very soon. Thanks to Jerry, Paul, Raychel, Aaron, and Chris for helping us do something good. It’s the season for that kind of thing. It should always be the season for it.

And yes, we sell books too. If you want any of our titles for Xmas presents for you, your friends, or your family, pop along to our online shop. Or visit your local, independent bookshop, and order our books through them. Ta.

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