lights, camera, action

It’s often the case that one change begets another. Earlier this year we finally had the Ignite website redesigned (and it’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?) a long overdue development which dovetailed so wonderfully with the publication of our latest book you’d think we’d planned it. We now have a platform which provides the perfect showcase for our excellent writers. Enthused by that, we decided to set up an Ignite Books Youtube channel. You’ll find it here.

Our goal is to populate it with a series of short videos – they’ll be just 1-2 minutes long – of our authors talking about their work. They’ll get the chance to explain why they wrote what they did, and maybe read a short section of their book, and you get the chance to hear from them directly. Which is what it’s all about.

We’ve started with a series of five videos where Emma Purshouse, the newest of our authors, talks about her novel ‘Dogged’. Ian Elmslie is scheduled to be next up. Ross or Tezz may follow after that. It’s another step forward in dealing with the challenge all small publishers face: how to put our great stories in front of the people we know will love them, and how to do the best we can for our authors. Because that’s at the heart of everything we do.