not that colour, not that day

Yes, it’s Black Friday and we’re writing a blog, but please don’t think for one minute that we’re participating in that merry-go-round of nonsense. It’s a marketing ploy for the big beasts, and does nothing for the many thousands of small independent businesses (like ourselves) who are doing their best to make a living, and who don’t have complex transnational set-ups which allow us to reduce our tax payments to next to nothing – that’s right, Am**on, we’re talking about you – so we’ll be giving it a miss, thank you.

Seeing as you’re here, dear reader, we are going to remind you about our one-off Zoom event next Thursday evening. Ignite: a passion for books is completely free, and will feature three of our authors – Ian Elmslie, Emma Purshouse, and Steve Pottinger – talking about their lives as writers, reading from their books, and answering questions from the audience. They’ll also be revealing which of the other Ignite titles is their favourite, and why. (We’re particularly intrigued by that!)

It’s on December 2nd at 7.30pm (UK time), we’re calling it Rainbow Thursday, and we’d love to have you join us. If you’d like to, just email us at and we’ll send the Zoom link along a day or so before the event. And if, at the end of the evening, you decide to visit our online shop and buy one of our books for yourself or a friend, well, that’d be wonderful. First and foremost, though, this is a chance to curl up on the sofa, enjoy some witty, sparkling, and illuminating conversation, and connect with other people without having to spend a bean.

Which is what life’s all about, every day of the week.