simple things

satisfyingly empty…

This may not look like much to you, oh readers of our blog, but for us this crumpled polythene wrapper represents success. It means that yet another pack of Emma Purshouse’s novel Dogged has made its way out into the world and that – right now – people are curled up on sofas, snuggled in armchairs, or stretched out at the beach*, enjoying the story of Nancy Maddox, Marilyn Grundy, and the tartan shopping trolley.

It also means there’s a lot more room at Ignite Villas than there was when the print run of Dogged arrived – there’s just under three packs of the book left here now, rather than the gazillions** we had earlier this year – and we’re giving serious consideration to getting a cat, now that we’ve somewhere to swing it.

And if you’ve not read Emma’s book yet, we heartily recommend it as the perfect accompaniment to sofa/ armchair/ beach/ etc. Really. It’s very, very, very, very good. Don’t take our word for it: look at that empty polythene.

*other locations are available
**an approximate measurement