the only way

Excuse us while we spend the next few paragraphs blowing our own trumpet. And possibly mixing metaphors, but hey, what’s the point of rules if you can’t ignore them every now and then?

Ignite has always been about nurturing new talent, about giving new authors a chance to see their work in print and know that it’s being put in front of an appreciative audience. Because it goes without saying that unless people are actually reading the stories they’ve poured their heart and soul into, it’s all a bit of a waste of time. The kudos of getting your book published is all well and good, but – in honesty – that thrill wears off pretty quickly, and all of us want something more.

Since we started out, every single one of our books has broken even. That’s not the only measure of their success, it’s not even the best measure of their success – in our (not so) humble opinion that’s the connection they make with each and every reader – but it’s a decent benchmark by which we can show we’ve done our job properly. It’s a collective confirmation that we were right when we read the manuscript and thought there were people out there who’d want to read it. The proof of this particular literary pudding is that people have read it.

And for a small company like ours, it’s also vital. Making money on each book is what allows us to go forward and make the next one. There’s no getting away from the importance of profit and loss when you’re running a business.

So we’re very pleased to announce that Kiss & Make Up has joined all our other publications and now broken even. That’s worth a little celebration. We also know that breaking even isn’t the end of things, but only the start, and that we need to kick on from here. Oh, and if you haven’t read Kiss & Make Up yet, you really should. What are you waiting for?

And if you hear music coming from the direction of Ignite Villas, it’s because we’re having a little party to celebrate what we’ve done. A little bit of Yazz.

Because the only way… is up. Baby.

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