silver lining

It seems that one thing that’s happened through lockdown – at least as far as Ignite Books is concerned – is that people have been buying more e-books than they were previously. We’ve certainly seen a notable spike in sales. And that’s been a very welcome surprise, and a real boost to morale, in the midst of such a difficult time.

But should we have been so surprised by this? After all, the UK government recently removed the VAT on digital books, making them even better value than they were previously. If you’re in isolation, you can download an e-book without a delivery man coming to your front door, and the subsequent need to quarantine your new purchase. And in an uncertain economic climate, where charity shops (the mecca for thrifty book buyers) are shut, digital downloads are a cheaper option than brand new books.

Whatever the reason, we’re very happy to see our authors’ work ending up on so many computers, tablets, and e-readers. Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy them! And for those of you who’d like to know more about our digital publications, they’re all listed here.

It goes without saying that we remain immensely proud of the paperback editions of all our books, which are things of beauty. We’re also looking forward to the day when Tezz Roberts, Ian Elmslie, and Steve Pottinger can once more do the live events – readings, talks, and gigs – they had planned before Covid-19 changed everything. Until then, stay safe, look after each other, and happy reading.

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